Food Safety for Engineers


A Two Day Course

Course Outline


Food company engineers and maintenance personnel.


To enable course members to:

  • Identify potential food safety problems
  • Minimise food safety hazards from maintenance activities
  • Develop codes of practice for maintenance activities
  • Design and construct food-safe equipment


  • The importance of food safety
    • Legal requirements
    • Customer requirements
  • Identifying potential food safety problems
    • Physical contamination
    • Chemical contamination
    • Bacterial contamination/growth
    • Allergens
  • The design and construction of food equipment
  • Codes of practice for maintenance activities
  • The design and construction of food equipment
  • Pest Control
  • Personal hygiene standards
  • An introduction to HACCP
  • Factory inspection
  • Review of inspection findings and recommendations
  • Close

In-Company Courses

This course is designed to be held in-company on a food manufacturing site.  It is highly participative and is structured to enable course members to put engineering food safety theory into practice.

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