HACCP Auditing


A Two Day Course

Course Outline


All personnel required to manage or perform internal or external HACCP audits.


To enable course members to effectively plan and perform HACCP audits against Codex Alimentarius principles.


  • An introduction to HACCP auditing
  • HACCP principles (Codex Alimentarius)
  • HACCP implementation stages and maintenance systems
  • Audit planning and preparation
  • Audit performance
    • Opening meetings
    • HACCP system validation
    • HACCP system verification
    • Auditing techniques
    • Auditor qualities and conduct
    • Recording the audit
    • Closing meetings
  • Audit reports and follow-ups
  • Live audits and review of findings

In-Company Courses

The course is designed to be run in-company on a food manufacturing site. It is very practical and provides the opportunity for course members to perform practise audits on the company’s HACCP system.

Recommended Prior Learning

The course is not designed for those without prior experience of HACCP.  Course members should have a reasonable working knowledge of HACCP and, preferably, have had formal training in HACCP systems.  An appropriate level of training can be achieved by attending a nationally recognised course such as the Royal Society for Public Health level 2 course in “The Fundamentals of HACCP”.

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